I have a cancelled ABN, can I reactivate it?

As a sole trader, you are only issued one ABN in your lifetime. If your ABN is cancelled, we can help you reactivate it! All you need to do is fill out a new ABN application. You can do this within Honcho or over the phone on 1300 550 730. Please note it may take up to 28 days for the ATO to reactivate your ABN.

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    Justin Draper

    Tired calling no connected

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    david robinson

    i need my abn because who ever deactivated did not get my consent to do so and there name is not on my abn.......its against the law for some one else whos name is not on it to cancel it

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    Dean Riggins

    I am the same as David Robinson in above comment.
    Now I have to pay againand as a part time pensioner trying to get his business back up and running this is just another hurdle and cost I do not need.
    Canyou pleas assist?
    ABN: 78245756945
    Thank you

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    Ian Stirling

    Ian stirling

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    Andrew John Little

    Wonderful, you advise that you can reactivate over the phone ( closed ) or via this site ( without leaving a link to the required page ). 2/10.